Vinyl Monogram Umbrella

I love homemade gifts, both giving and receiving them.  There is just a little something extra knowing that someone spent not only their money but their time doing something JUST FOR YOU!!

These umbrellas always receive compliments from the recipients, especially after the first big rain comes!  I used a Silhouette to cut the monograms out, but this would be totally doable by hand using a printed out template and an  X-acto knife.

To get started you’re going to need a few things–

Clear Umbrella (Like These)

One (or More) colors of vinyl

Silhouette Machine (or X-acto knife and mat)

Rubbing Alcohol

Cotton Ball or Paper Towel

Transfer tape

First thing first, you will want to decide on your design and how big it should be.  For these umbrellas an 8in x 8in design fit into one “pain” perfectly.

Next, you will want to design your image.  For this one I chose a circular monogram with a different color border.  I was making these in bulk, so I planned accordingly so I could mix and match the monograms with different borders and waste as little vinyl as possible.

Now that your design is finished the most important thing to remember is to flip the design!  We are going to be putting the vinyl on the inside of the umbrella, so the part being seen is actually the sticky side of the vinyl.

Now either set your cutting machine up or get out your knife and cut the designs out.  After your design is cut and the excess vinyl weeded out get your design aligned on your transfer tape.  (*Side Note – I know a lot of people, myself included, use contact paper as a cheaper alternative to transfer tape.  I do not recommend doing this on this project the contact paper is just too sticky and is very difficult to remove from the umbrella without messing up the design.  I learned this the hard way and had to start over.)

Open up your umbrella and decide which pain you want the design to go in and lay it on a clean flat surface.  (You may have to prop it up in order to get the area where the vinyl will go to lay flat.)  I always recommend starting with a clean surface, so take a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe down the umbrella and let it air dry.

You are now ready to place your design!  With your umbrella on a flat surface, line up your design and firmly push it down ( I used my old drivers license to make sure I got into every corner.  Once it is down pull away your transfer tape and viola, your umbrella is finished and you are ready for any rainy days ahead.


If you have the time I would recommend leaving the umbrella open for a few days to allow the vinyl time to cure before folding it back up, but it is not a necessary step.

Put a cute bow on top and you have an awesome personalized gift for anyone!



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